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Norovirus GI Detection Kit

Catalog number: 4475928

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The Norovirus GI Detection Kit (developed and manufactured by CEERAM SAS, equivalent to CEERAM part number KNVGI, and distributed by Thermo Fisher Scientific) allows the detection of genogroup I noroviruses by real-time RT-PCR, in all types of environmental (water, wastewater, seawater, sludge, air, surface, etc.) and food (shellfish, fruits, vegetables, processed food, etc.) samples. 48 real-time RT-PCR reactions can be performed with each kit.

• Utilizes molecular technologies for validated detection of norovirus genotypes
• Allows for detection down to 5 norovirus copies per reaction (depending on quality of the RNA purification from the matrix)
• Assemble RT-PCR reactions with included master mix, enzyme mix, internal positive control, and negative control

Norovirus Genogroup I and II Background
Genogroup I and II noroviruses are non-enveloped, single strand RNA viruses. These human enteric viruses are responsible for most of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks. They are pathogenic for all age groups of the population. These viruses are very infectious; one to ten viral particles are sufficient to get sick. For identification of genogroup I noroviruses use the Norovirus GII Detection Kit.

Norovirus Transmission
Their mode of transmission is the feco-oral route. Food samples can be contaminated via food handlers or by the environment. After excretion in human stool, due to their structural properties, noroviruses can be resistant to different physical and chemical treatment. Adsorbed on particles, they can survive in different kinds of environments for long periods of time and different food processes.

Molecular Detection of Norovirus
There is no cell culture system presently available for the multiplication of human noroviruses. Detection by ELISA is not recommended due to norovirus genetic diversity and its lack of sensitivity. Molecular techniques (real time RT-PCR) are the methods of choice for norovirus detection after extraction and viral RNA purification from the sample, and will likely be the upcoming ISO standard.

Validated for Many Norovirus Geneogroup I Genotypes
The Norovirus GI Detection Kit has been validated on all the different genotypes of genogroup I noroviruses.
For testing of Food and Environmental samples only.


Target Organism Class: Norovirus
Strain or Genotype: Genogroup I: All genotypes
Validated Application: Real-Time PCR
Detection Method: Primer-Probe Detection
For Use With (Equipment): 7300 System, StepOne™, Roche LightCycler 480, StepOnePlus™, Stratagene Mx4000, 7500 System, Stratagene Mx3000P
Sample Type (Specific): Food, Water Samples
Disease: Viral Gastroenteritis
Species: Human
Product Size: 48 reactions
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice

Contents & storage

1 tube master mix, store at -20° C
1 tube RT-PCR enzyme mix, store at -20° C
1 tube positive control, store at -20° C
1 tube negative control, store at -20° C

Store all reagents protected from light.

Supports 48 individual reactions (each at 25 µl) and uses FAM™, VIC®, TAMRA™, and ROX™ dyes.


Manuals & protocols

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