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Ion Proton™ System

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The Ion Proton™ System is the first benchtop sequencing system capable of human-scale genome, exome, or transcriptome sequencing in a few hours—with DNA-to-variants called in a single day.

The system combines semiconductor sequencing technology with natural biochemistry to directly translate chemical information into digital data. By leveraging the exponential improvements in the semiconductor industry (known as Moore’s Law), the Ion Proton™ Sequencing System provides an unprecedented level of scalability and flexibility to support a broad range of high throughput sequencing applications, ranging from human-scale genome to exome to transcriptome sequencing. The system’s use of the simplest natural sequencing chemistry eliminates the need for expensive optics and complex sequencing chemistries, resulting in a highly affordable sequencing system to own and operate. Real-time, direct, electrical detection of sequencing, combined with the enormous amount of computing power in both the Ion Proton™ Sequencer and Ion Proton™ Torrent Server, enables generation of high quality sequencing results from DNA library to variants in a single day.

Features of the Ion Proton™ System:

Fastest high-throughput next-generation sequencing workflow with the fastest sequencing run-times of 2–4 hours on the Ion PI™ Chip
Highest number of complete sequencing runs per week, with a simple and automated workflow (when used with the Ion OneTouch™ 2 System)
Simple semiconductor sequencing workflows with robust and simple hardware that can be relied upon—no cameras, no optics, and no lasers
Scalable, high throughput sequencing capabilities enabling up to 200-base single reads and flexible library options (e.g., fragment gDNA, targeted/exome, RNA)
Small benchtop footprint and mounting capability (with optional rack) (two Ion Proton™ systems per rack), to deliver the only benchtop genome center
Low-cost platform and attractively priced semiconductor chips and reagents for a range of applications
Proven Ion semiconductor sequencing requires no complex optics and employs natural nucleotides to deliver highly accurate variant detection, uniformity of coverage, and sensitivity to detect low frequency variants
Range of fast and simple library solutions and kits with low-input requirements for a variety of applications, such as genomic sequencing, exome sequencing, sequencing sets of genes, and RNA sequencing
Complete end-to-end solution from base calls to variants with the Proton™ Torrent Server and Torrent Suite Software v3.0
Simple and integrated tools for tertiary data analysis with Ion Reporter™ Software for DNA variation analysis across single, paired, or trio samples

With the availability of the groundbreaking Ion Proton™ System, rapid, high throughput sequencing is finally accessible by all laboratories.

Affordable Sequencing For Nearly Every Lab
Previous sequencing technologies have relied upon optical systems as bridges between the chemical and digital forms of sequence information. These systems have added tremendous costs to sequencers, relegating them to only the largest laboratories. By eliminating the need for the optical system, the Ion Proton™ System provides high throughput sequencing that is simpler, faster, more cost effective, and more scalable than any other technology available. With a benchtop footprint, low-cost sequencing reagents, and a simple touchscreen user interface, the Ion Proton™ System brings high throughput, next generation sequencing to nearly every lab.

Ion Power: PostLight™ Sequencing Produces Bits From Bases
The sequencing technology underlying the Ion Proton™ System exploits a well-characterized biochemical process: When a nucleotide is incorporated into a strand of DNA by a polymerase, a hydrogen ion (H+) is released as a byproduct. This hydrogen ion carries a charge that the Proton™ System’s ion sensor—essentially the world's smallest solid-state pH meter—can detect. As the sequencer floods the chip with one nucleotide after another, any nucleotide added to a DNA template will be detected as a voltage change, and the Ion Proton™ System will call the base. If a nucleotide is not a match for a particular template, no voltage change will be detected and no base will be called for that template.

Massively Parallel Sequencing On Your Bench
A principal component of the Ion Proton™ System is the sequencing chip. The Ion PI™ Chip incorporates an extremely dense array of >165 million micro-machined wells married to our proprietary ion sensor. Each well contains a different DNA template, allowing massively parallel sequencing. With the Ion PI™ Chip (165 million wells), the Ion Proton™ System enables a range of high throughput genomic applications from human-scale exome sequencing to whole transcriptome sequencing.

The Right Tool To Get Results Easily, Reliably, and Quickly
Because it detects nucleotide incorporation without the use of light, the Ion Proton™ System uses the simplest sequencing chemistry possible: natural nucleotides. There is no need for expensive and error-prone modified bases, enzymatic cascades, chemiluminescence, or fluorescence. Direct detection also means the incorporation of each nucleotide is recorded in seconds. As a result, you can do an entire sequencing run typically in a few hours.

Services and Support
Service and support plans—comprehensive plans to maximize instrument performance and ensure availability of critical systems
Qualification services—document and ensure instrument is installed, operating, and performing to manufacturer’s specifications
Training—courses for experimental design, data analysis, troubleshooting, applications, and instrument operation
Bioinformatics—tailored support for NGS informatics execution, software use, data analysis, and downstream applications
DataSafe Solution—storage and back-up strategy, design, hardware, and support for all lab data

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Capacity: 1 chip per run
Chip Compatibility: Ion PI™ Chip
Data Outputs: BAM Files, FASTQ Files, SFF Files, VCF Files
High-throughput Compatibility: High-throughput Compatible, Multiplexing
Multiplex Capability: RNA: 16 off-the-shelf barcodes, Up to 384 barcodes, DNA: 96 off-the-shelf barcodes
Output: Ion Proton I Chip: Up to 2 human exomes per run
Product Line: Ion Proton™, Ion Torrent™
Read Length: Up to 200 bp
Reads Run: Ion Proton I Chip: 60-80 million reads (passing filter at ≥50 bases)
Remarks: Compatible with Ion OneTouch™ automated template prep system
Run Time: 2-4 hours
Technique: Post-Light™ Ion Semiconductor Sequencing
Throughput: Up to 10 Gb per run (Ion Proton I Chip)
For Use With (Equipment): Ion Proton™ System
Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior: Depth: 30.5 in (77.5 cm), Height: 18.7 in (47.4 cm), Width: 21.3 in (54.2 cm)
Weight: Crated for shipment: 200 lb (90.7 kg), Free-standing: 130 lb (59 kg)

Contents & storage

1 Ion Proton™ Sequencer
1 Ion Proton™ Torrent Server