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AmpFLSTR™ Yfiler™ Direct Kit

Catalog number:  4477555

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The AmpFLSTR Yfiler Direct Kit enables forensic laboratories to perform high-quality Y-STR analysis of single-source reference samples using direct PCR amplification. This kit amplifies the same 17 Y-STR loci as the AmpFLSTR Yfiler Kit and is designed to generate accurate results with faster thermocycling conditions than the Yfiler Kit. Blood or buccal samples on treated paper (FTA Card or NUCLEIC-CARD System) can be punched into PCR plates or tubes and taken directly to PCR amplification, without reduction in data quality. Samples collected with the Buccal DNA Collector and other untreated substrates can be processed without additional workflow steps using the Applied Biosystems Prep-n-Go Buffer.

Key Features:

• Supports direct PCR amplification (no DNA extraction or quantification required) of single source reference samples on treated and untreated paper
• Provides maximum concordance with the Yfiler kit
• Designed to deliver faster cycling times through the introduction of a new fast-capable enzyme (~2.5 hours)

In addition, the Yfiler Direct kit uses the same dye set, allelic ladder, and primer sequences as the standard Yfiler kit, which:

• Facilitates comparison with casework data
• Streamlines validation and implementation

Complete Validated Solution
We offer a complete solution to meet the needs of the human identification community. Our system includes DNA extraction and quantification kits, a range of AmpFLSTR STR Kits, instrumentation, software, and consumables.

The AmpFLSTR Yfiler Direct Kit is part of a comprehensively validated system for STR-based human identification. The PCR reaction components, primer sequences, and amplification protocols have been developed, optimized, and validated together with Applied Biosystems instrumentation and software to provide specific, robust amplification.

The Yfiler Direct kit is subjected to rigorous quality control testing to ensure consistent performance. We develop and manufacture our products in accordance with ISO 9001 quality system requirements. Additionally, a Certificate of Analysis is available upon request that confirms that the specific combination of components within each lot meets quality assurance testing specifications.

Experience Matters
We are the only company in the world that designs and validates its reagents, instruments, and data analysis software together as an integrated system for DNA testing. Technical Service Scientists and Field Application Specialists are available to answer your technical questions, review data, and make recommendations on how to perform assays and troubleshoot results. All of these resources help ensure success when using Applied Biosystems human identification solutions in your laboratory.

The purchase of this product conveys to the buyer the non-transferable license to use the purchased amount of the product only for forensic or paternity testing conducted by the buyer. This license does not include, as ruled by a U.S. Court, a license to use this product in chimerism determination or analysis, molar specimens classification, cell line authentication, determination of fetal sex, cancer analysis, genetic research, non-casework-related forensic applications (such as general research in forensics or teaching and training persons not employed in a forensic laboratory), identifying or determining maternal cell contamination, or sample tracking. Further rights can be obtained by contacting Promega Corp., 2800 Woods Hollow Rd., Madison, WI 53711 USA.

For licensing and limited use restrictions visit
For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Application): Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment): 3130xl Genetic Analyzer, GeneAmp 9700, Veriti Thermal Cycler, 3500 Genetic Analyzer, 3130 Genetic Analyzer, 3500xL Genetic Analyzer, 3730 DNA Analyzer
Label or Dye: FAM, LIZ, NED, PET, VIC
Sample Type: Forensic Sample
Format: Kit
Product Type: Direct Kit
Quantity: 250 Reactions
Amplicon Size: < 340 bp
Matrix and Size Standards: GeneScan 500 LIZ Size Standard, GeneScan 600 LIZ Size Standard
Reaction Format: SuperMix or Master Mix
Sample Volume: 25 µL⁄reaction
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Target Loci: DYS438, DYS635, DYS458, DYS437, DYS391, DYS392, Y GATA H4, DYS19, DYS390, DYS439, DYS456, DYS393, DYS389 II, DYS389 I, DYS385 a/b, DYS448
Technique: STR (Short Tandem Repeat) Analysis
Product Line: AmpFLSTR, Yfiler

Contents & storage

AmpFLSTR Yfiler Direct Master Mix
AmpFLSTR Yfiler Primer Set (Store protected from light)
AmpFLSTR PCR Enhancer
AmpFLSTR Control DNA 007
AmpFLSTR Yfiler Allelic Ladder (Store protected from light)

Store at -15 to -25 °C upon receipt, 2 to 8 °C after initial use.