Applied Biosystems™

Attune™ Computer Upgrade Kit

Catalog number: 4481653
Applied Biosystems™

Attune™ Computer Upgrade Kit

Catalog number: 4481653
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The Attune™ Computer Upgrade Kit allows the Attune™ Acoustic Focusing Cytometer to operate the Attune™ Cytometric Software v2.1. This software is required for use of the Attune™ Auto Sampler, which enables rapid processing of multiple samples by automatically analyzing samples from 96- or 384-well standard and deep-well plates. The Attune™ Computer Upgrade Kit includes a Dell™ 64-bit computer with Windows™ 7 operating system, Attune™ Cytometric Software v2.1, and v2.1 documentation, as well as a visit by a trained service technician to assist with data transfer from the existing computer system.

Simple to Use
The Attune™ instrument and software design were developed with customer ease-of-use in mind. For example, the Attune™ Auto Sampler has fluidic bottles with sensors that inform the user when fluids need to be replaced. And the auto sampler’s indicator lights and warning systems have been designed to ensure that a user who has walked away from the system can easily see the system status at all times.

In addition, setting up an experiment with the Attune™ Cytometric Software is simple. Using a virtual plate layout view, users can create compensation wells, define instrument settings, and identify samples. The software also allows multiple experiments to be defined on a single plate. This intuitive software allows quick learning and data analysis. For example, a heat-map view allows rapid screening and confirmation of samples while the instrument is acquiring data.

Increased Functionality
The Attune™ Cytometric Software v2.1 has added functionality beyond supporting the use of 96- and 384-well plates, including:

• Compensation from plate wells or tubes
• Recovery of sample in tube mode at the end of sample processing
• Batch exporting of FCS files, statistics, and printing, including: multi-sample, specimen, and experiment level
• Formatting of workspace, including justification tools for workspace objects
• Definition of the number of events to be displayed, up to 5 million
• Single Click Record option, eliminating need to press run and then record
• Selection of multiple objects on the workspace
• New global and local workspace functionality
• Selection of multiple objects
• Printing of workspace and performance tests
• Setting of population on a plot using hyperlink shortcut in plot title

Improved Sample Use
One problem associated with syring-driven systems is inefficient sample use. However, the sample recovery function included in the v2.1 software allows sample that has been drawn into the syringe to be returned to another tube after the data file has been completed, to avoid possible contamination of the original sample. In this way, the remaining sample is available for use in other analyses.


Operating System
Windows 7 (Service Pack 2)
Software Type
Attune™ Cytometric Software
For Use With (Equipment)
Attune™ Acoustic Focusing Cytometer
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Product Type
Flow Cytometer Computer Upgrade Kit

Contents & Storage

Dell 64 bit computer with Windows 7 operating system, Attune™ Cytometric Software V2.1 and V2.1 documentation Kit, and a visit by a trained Service personnel assist in data management from the existing computer system