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Yfiler™ Plus PCR Amplification Kit

Catalog number:  4482730

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Note: The Yfiler Plus kit is now approved for use by laboratories generating DNA profiles for inclusion in the US National DNA Index System (NDIS) CODIS database.

The Yfiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit is designed for forensic laboratories that process highly challenging Y-STR casework and database samples. The Yfiler Plus kit is optimized to help improve resolution of trace evidence and sexual assault mixtures that contain small quantities of male DNA in a large background of female DNA and offers laboratories both the power of discrimination and the performance to enable accurate results in less time from challenging samples.

The Yfiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit is a 6-dye multiplex assay for short tandem repeats (STRs) that allows amplification from multiple male-specific sample types, such as male–male and male–female mixtures, and direct PCR amplification from single-source samples.

Key features of the Yfiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit:
• Improved discrimination capacity through new, highly discriminating markers
• Improved performance with degraded samples and PCR inhibitors
• Improved genotyping accuracy through expanded allelic ladder and virtual bins
• Concordance with existing data in reference haplotype databases
• Increased workflow efficiency enabling faster time-to-results than previous Y-STR kits

Improved discrimination capacity
The Yfiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit enables multiplex amplification of the 17 Y-STR markers included in the AmpFLSTR Yfiler PCR Amplification Kits, as well as 10 new Y-STRs using 6-dye chemistry to offer the highest discriminatory capacity of any commercially available Y-STR kit. In particular, the inclusion of seven rapidly-mutating (RM) Y-STRs with mutation rates above 1 × 10(-2) helps improve resolution of paternal lineage differentiation as well as helps with discrimination of closely-related males.

More information from challenging casework samples
Y-STR analysis is useful for processing of complex casework samples with trace quantities of male DNA in presence of high level of female DNA. These samples may include rape kit samples, body fluid with few or no sperm present, and fingernail scrapings from female victims of violent assaults. These samples often show DNA degradation and contain inhibitors that can make the analysis difficult and lead to inconclusive results. The Yfiler Plus kit harnesses the latest developments in PCR amplification technology to help provide cleaner baseline and improved recovery of alleles with mixtures and highly inhibited samples.

Streamlined protocol and increased workflow efficiency
The Yfiler Plus kit provides faster thermal cycling conditions enabling shorter time to result. The kit is also designed to process single-source reference samples using direct PCR amplification from the following types of samples:
• Blood and buccal samples on treated paper substrates, without the need for sample purification
• Blood samples collected on untreated paper substrates and treated with Prep-n-Go Buffer
• Buccal samples collected on swab substrates and treated with Prep-n-Go Buffer

Complete validated solution
Our products provide a complete solution for your human identification needs and include DNA quantification kits, a range of STR kits, instrumentation, software, and consumables. The Yfiler Plus kit is part of a comprehensively validated system for STR-based human identification. All reagents are developed in accordance with guidelines from leading worldwide forensic organizations such as SWGDAM and DAB.

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For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Application): Sequencing
Label or Dye: 6-FAM, LIZ, NED, SID, TAZ, VIC
Format: Kit
Product Type: Plus PCR Amplification Kit
Quantity: 500 Reactions
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Target Loci: DYS438, DYS627, DYS458, DYS437, DYS391, DYS392, DYS635 (Y GATA C4), DYS19, DYS390, DYS439, DYS456, DYS393, DYS449, DYS387S1 a⁄b, DYS576, DYS460, DYS533, DYS389 I⁄II, DYS570, DYS385 a⁄b, DYS481, YGATA H4, DYS518, DYS448
Product Line: Yfiler™

Contents & storage

• Yfiler Plus Master Mix, 4 tubes, 0.5 mL/tube
• DNA Control 007, 2 tubes, 0.05 mL
• Yfiler Plus Primer Set, 2 tubes, 0.25 mL/tube, protect from light
• Yfiler Plus Allelic Ladder, 2 tubes, 0.025 mL/tube, protect from light

Store at –5 to –30°C upon receipt and at 2–8°C after initial use.