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TaqMan™ QSY Probe This product, and/or its packaging, incorporates one or more environmental/green features. Click on this icon to learn more.

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PCR & Real-Time PCR

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Applied Biosystems TaqMan QSY probes are dual-labeled probes used for real-time PCR. TaqMan QSY Probes are designed for optimal sensitivity and performance in multiplex qPCR experiments. Current users of dark quencher probes, such as Black Hole Quencher (BHQ™) probes, can design custom QSY probes without changing probe sequences.

All TaqMan QSY probes are HPLC-purified and verified by mass spectrometry to help ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility between batches. Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a leader in qPCR probe manufacturing for over 20 years, with expertise in probe synthesis in a facility that is certified to ISO 13485.

Features of TaqMan QSY probes include:
Sensitivity—lower background and increased signal result in better sensitivity
Multiplexing performance without compromise—successfully multiplex multiple gene targets in a single reaction
Dye options ideal for Applied Biosystems qPCR instrument filters—TaqMan qPCR dyes are designed for optimal alignment with Applied Biosystems qPCR instruments, enabling improved fluorescence signal, especially for low-expressing gene targets
Flexibility—mix and match your multiplex qPCR probes with up to two MGB probes or four QSY probes in a single reaction
Get started quickly—BHQ probe sequences can be converted to QSY versions with no redesign needed
Performance without compromise
Multiplexing with TaqMan QSY probes enables cost savings and preservation of limited samples, and has been shown to yield comparable results between reactions performed in individual tubes and in 4-plex reactions for gene quantification.

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Guaranteed yield
The unit size you select is based on the minimum amount we will deliver, not on synthesis starting amount.

Approximate ship time
4–6 days in North America, 5-10 days in Europe

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


3'Primer Modification: QSY7
5'Primer Modification: ABY, FAM, JUN, VIC
CTA Type: Magellan_PDP_OrderNow
Form: Liquid or Dried Down
Green Features: Sustainable packaging
Internal Probe Modification: None
Product Line: TaqMan™
Purification Method: HPLC
Quantity: 6,000pmol
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

1 tube containing a dual-labeled probe in solution or dried down.

Store at -15°C to -25°C