Exosome Spin Columns (MW 3000)

Catalog number:  4484449

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Exosome Spin Columns (MW 3000) enable fast removal of unincorporated dye from exosome labeling reactions. They also allow the user to perform buffer exchange on the exosomes or to remove any low molecular weight (MW ≤ 3000) admixtures from the exosome preparation such as salts, nucleotides, and short oligonucleotides.

• Fast, efficient removal of unincorporated dye from the labeled exosomes
• Buffer exchange, desalting, removal of low molecular weight contaminants
• Replaces more time-consuming purification methods (such as ultra-centrifugation)

To use, simply rehydrate the spin column, centrifuge to remove the interstitial fluid, add the exosome sample to the top of the column, and centrifuge again to elute the exosomes (low molecular weight contaminants will be retained by the column).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Final Product Type: Exosomes
Format: Spin Column

Contents & storage

3 bags (collection tubes, elution tubes, spin columns). Store at room temperature.