Ion Reporter™ Server System

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Ion Torrent™  Related applications: Ion Torrent™ Next-Generation Sequencing

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The Ion Reporter™ Server System is a combined hardware and software solution for analyzing human sequencing data. It consists of a locally deployed computer with a suite of informatics tools that streamlines and simplifies analysis, annotation, and archiving of semiconductor sequencing data. The Ion Reporter™ Server System combines the ease of use of Ion Reporter™ Software with the control and access of a powerful compute server in your own building. A locally deployed computer affords many benefits, such as tighter control of the hardware and software versioning. In addition, data uploads from the Torrent Server are faster when the transfer is within your own network. With your own hardware, you have access to unlimited analyses, as well as more options for integration into your lab's workflow.

Integrated Solution
The Ion Reporter™ Server System is built to complete the workflow from sample to report. This platform builds on the sample processing and sequencing output from the Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems by coupling tightly with the Torrent Server for data transfer and analysis initiation. When a sequencing run is started, an Ion Reporter™ workflow can be designated so the data transfer and analysis start seamlessly and there is no hands-on time between run initiation and reviewing annotated variants, with a host of annotations added to guide understanding.

Flexibility While Maintaining Controlled Pipelines
Many research applications are supported within Ion Reporter™ Software such as workflows for pre-designed and custom Ion AmpliSeq™ gene panels (including Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome, TargetSeq™ panels, and whole genome assays). Typical configurations are available for single samples, paired tumor/normal samples, and family trios. Detect germline SNPs, InDels, and CNVs in a single workflow, or use our custom algorithms for somatic variant detection, inherited disease research, low-pass whole-genome copy number, and CNVs from Ion AmpliSeq™ gene panels. The Ion Reporter software also includes a 16S Metagenomics workflow allowing researchers of bacterial populations interested in environmental and clinical research to identify and classify, from one or multiple mixed populations, the relative proportions of microbes present at any taxonomic level. Each of the Ion Reporter™ workflows can be used as configured or, if customization is needed, modified and locked for controlled use without the need for an analyst or bioinformatician. Alternatively, the platform is extensible with our software development tools (SDK and API) to drive integration with your lab environment and processes.

By integrating detected variants with comprehensive public annotations and your own lab-specific content, Ion Reporter™ Software reduces your bioinformatics work and the time needed to interpret your results. The analysis modules and parameters are configurable, allowing you to customize the workflow to fit your research needs. Workflows are open for development and testing, and may be locked for repeated use in an auditable production environment when desired. These features make Ion Reporter™ Software an ideal solution for clinical researchers needing a simple bioinformatics tool that helps ensure consistency of results.

Workflows Follow Intuitive Steps
The Ion Reporter™ Software workflow steps mirror the typical role-based sample processing workflow used by most labs. Reads from Ion PGM™ or Ion Proton™ systems are automatically imported from the Torrent Browser into the local Ion Reporter™ Software environment for read mapping, variant detection, multi-sample analysis, and annotation. You can then filter the identified variants based on technical criteria such as read coverage, P-value, allele frequency, and a growing set of annotations such as gene names, conservation scores, and COSMIC and OMIM classifications. After you classify and interpret the variants, Ion Reporter™ Software displays this summary in an easily readable report alongside the relevant variants and their corresponding annotations.

Ion Reporter™ Software can also be used to manage data long-term and to gain access to individual files and audit logs. The compute server enables Ion Reporter™ Software to provide scalable analysis and control of your data and results. In addition, the software is designed to the same data security standards as are found in the HIPAA implementation guides.

For more information about Ion Reporter™ Server System and related products, please visit or view our Ion Reporter™ Server System brochure.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Ion PGM™ System, Ion Proton™ System
Software Type: Online Hosted Informatics Tools
Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04
Product Size: 1 each
Software Category: Analysis

Contents & storage

• Ion Reporter™ Software, 1 year license
• 1 Dell T620 compute server
• Field installation of compute server and software


Manuals & protocols