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Melon™ Gel IgG Spin Purification Kit

Catalog number:  45206

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The Thermo Scientific Melon Gel IgG Spin Purification Kit offers a simpler and faster alternative to traditional Protein A and Protein G methods for purification of human, mouse and rabbit IgG from serum and other sources.

Features of Melon Gel IgG Purification Kits:

Simple, one-step protocol—IgG purification with Melon Gel Resin does not involve binding, washing, and multiple elution steps required by Protein A and Protein G
Rapid purification—antibody purification from serum is four to six times faster than Protein A or G methods
High recovery and purity—for many species of serum antibody recovery is greater than 90% with purity greater than 80%
Minimal dilution—reduced need to concentrate antibody before storage or use
Robust purification—Melon Gel IgG Purification Kits work with a wide range of antibodies including many that do not purify well on Protein A or Protein G
Gentle purification—No harsh antibody elution conditions helps retain IgG activity
Regenerable support—Melon Gel Resin can be used for multiple antibody purifications

Melon Gel IgG Purification Kits enable purification of antibodies from serum and other sample types. Melon Gel Resin binds and removes serum proteins, thereby allowing pure IgG to be collected in the flow-through fraction. The procedure is gentle because no harsh elution conditions are involved.

Melon Gel Resin contains a proprietary ligand that retains most protein found in serum, ascites and culture supernatants, while allowing IgG to pass through the support and be collected in the flow-through fraction. Because Melon Gel Resin is not a bind-and-release support, it is extremely fast and gentle to antibodies, resulting in antibody preparations of high purity and high activity.

Melon Gel Resin works with antibodies from a variety of species and subclasses, many of which do not purify efficiently with Protein A or Protein G. The resulting recovery and purity of the IgG isolated by this method rivals that obtained from the same samples using bind-and-release supports such as Protein A or Protein G. Furthermore, antibodies purified with Melon Gel Resin are recovered ready for use in immunoassays or subsequent conjugation or modification steps; there is no need to neutralize or desalt the recovered antibody to remove harsh elution buffers.

Melon Gel IgG Purification saves time compared to classical Protein A or Protein G methods without compromising the quality of the antibody. Compared to antibody affinity purification with Protein A or Protein G, Melon Gel IgG Purification is simpler, faster and provides greater yields and higher purity for a wider variety of antibodies species.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type: Proprietary Resin, Affinity
Description: Melon™ Gel IgG Spin Purification Kit, 3mL, Spin Column, Kit, Microcentrifuge Format, Affinity, Proprietary Resin Column Type, Proprietary Ligand Immobilized Phase, Sufficient For IgG Purification From Approximately 25 x 0.1mL Serum Samples
Product Line: Melon™
Purification Target: IgG Antibodies
Stationary Phase: Proprietary Ligand
Format: Kit, Microcentrifuge, Spin Column

Contents & storage

Sufficient For: IgG purification from approx. 25 x 0.1 mL serum samples (total approx. 25 mg IgG from serum)
• Melon Gel Support, 3 mL
• Melon Gel Purification Buffer, 100 mL
• Spin Columns, 0.8 mL, 27 columns
• Microcentrifuge Tubes, 2 mL, 30 tubes

Store at 4°C