Thermo Scientific™

Immuno Breakable Modules in White and Black

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Diagnostic Development

Keep wells securely in place with Thermo Scientific™ Breakable Modules in White and Black, ensuring fluorescence and luminescence assays are easy to handle.
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  • High-quality polystyrene wells
  • Choice of two passive surfaces to enable assay optimization
  • C8 Strips provide flexiblity with sample size and optimal washing performance
  • Easy to handle; single well held as easily as strips
  • Compatible with common instrumentation

Choice of Surface:

  • Thermo Scientific™ PolySorp™ and Universal Binding (UB) are for adsorption of hydrophobic molecules.
  • Thermo Scientific™ MaxiSorp™ is hydrophilic and ideal for antibody sandwich assays.


  • Opaque and reflective surface
  • Low cross talk and minimal background


  • Opaque and light-absorbing surface
  • Minimum cross talk and back-scattered light


Availability may vary by country.

: 90 days

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
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