Thermo Scientific™

Nunc™ Immuno Stick

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Use the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Immuno Stick in biotechnology, pharmaceutical laboratories or in production of vaccines and diagnostic kits. The system consists of a tube and immuno stick with a paddle.
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  • Choice of Thermo Scientific™ MaxiSorp™ or PolySorb™
  • Polypropylene tube for minimal adsorption of assay components
  • Polystyrene paddle, surface area, 5.2cm2
  • Visual result: depostited substrate or colored solution
  • External dimensions (L×W): 1.93 × 0.47 in. (49 × 12mm)

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The manufacture and use of synthetic materials for solid phase immuno assays as covered under EU Patent No. 0126392 and US Patent No. 4,980,299 is licensed to Nunc A/S. Materials are manufactured under licence from Ventrex Laboratories, Inc., US Patent No. 4,225,575.