Do not store in the liquid phase of nitrogen without CryoFlex tubing
Thermo Scientific™

Nalgene™ General Long-Term Storage Cryogenic Tubes

Related applications:

Cell Culture

Enhance aseptic techniques with externally threaded Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ General Long-Term Storage Cryogenic Tubes. These storage tubes are ideally suited for research and general laboratory storage of high-value and genomic materials down to vapor phase liquid nitrogen temperatures.

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  • Large writing areas accommodate more written sample information and graduations for easy visual volume assessment
  • Noncytotoxic raw materials for added sample security and tubes certified free of Dnase and RNase for genomic applications
  • Certified SAL of 10-6 for the highest sterility assurance available
  • Suitable for storage from general cold storage refrigeration (+4°C) down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen
  • System 100 Tubes offer a more dense storage option (10x10) to save precious storage space
  • Self standing tubes for ease of use on the benchtop
  • Blank, nonsterile and uncapped tubes available in bulk for less demanding applications
Warranty: 90 days


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