Thermo Scientific™

K114 Chamber Furnaces

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Reduce heating and recovery times while maintaining accurate temperature control with Thermo Scientific™ K 114 Chamber Furnaces, ideal for use in crowded laboratories and common applications including materials testing, burning and rapid heat processes.
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  • Ideal for routine high temperature laboratory applications such as incinerating, annealing, baking, pre-heating and drying
  • Asbestos-free insulation for minimal energy consumption and low exterior temperature
  • High temperature accuracy and optimised heating system layout ensure most efficient use of work space
  • Easy temperature controls and easy handling and loading via tilting door
  • Designed for minimum space requirements and can be set up under a laboratory fume hood

Ordering Information:

Available options include choice of automatic upper limit cut-out (TWB), Digicon™ controller or Thermicon™ programmable controller, and timer. Not available in North America.