Thermo Scientific™

Cytomat™ 6002 D Automated Incubator

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Lab Automation

Temperature Range: 4°C to 21°C; Relative Humidity: <3%
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Matches your Capacity with 9 Stacker
  • 252pcs. 1536-well plates
  • 189pcs. 96-well or 384-well plates
  • 135pcs. transwell or insert plates
  • 90pcs. deep-well

Further stacker types on request
Mix and match different pitch stackers

Stable Environmental Conditions
  • Wide temperature range storage between 4°C up to 21°C
  • maintains humidity < 3% r.H. to minimize absorption of water by hydrophilic compounds (e.g. DMSO)

Access Time
  • Below 20sec.

Contamination Prevention
  • Easy to clean - smooth stainless steel surface
  • Solid copper inner chamber (option)
  • H2O2-flange (Option)

Flexible Stacker Design
  • Compatible with existing Cytomat stacker
  • Standard or customized stacker pitch sizes
  • Mix and match different pitch stackers
  • Autoclaveable, stainless steel
  • Ventilation slots allow for accurate temperature distribution

  • Internal and direct barcode reader can scan barcodes at any plate position inside the incubator the incubator, minimizing plate movement and provides superior sample and plate tracking

Easy to integrate
  • Intuitive software commands
  • SILA (Standard in Lab Automation) Compliant
  • Direct connection to a clean bench
  • Multiple transfer stations

Many Further Options
  • SiLA interface option for fast and easy integration
  • H2O2-ports
  • Solid copper inner chamber
  • Standard transfer station - delivers plates in portrait position
    • 90° (for landscape format) and 180" swap station
    • Linear extension with multiple length

  • CE
  • RoHS
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited facility