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Cytomat™ 24 Cxxx Series Automated Incubators

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Lab Automation

The Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 24 series automated incubator is the ideal solution for highest capacity storage and incubation. The Cytomat 24 series automated incubator is a floor-standing unit with a capacity for 504 standard microplates and offers several models (incubator, wide temperature range with various temperature ranges and gate positions. Its design and unsurpassed temperature uniformity and stability ensure that your processes can be fully reproduced, providing with the same high quality results every time.

The Cytomat 24 Cxxx automated incubator provides an ideal environment for storage and incubation of assays in various temperature and humidity ranges.

The external cooling and heating unit is designed to allow the user to create a customized working space for easy system integration into any automated assay system. The Cytomat 24 Cxxx automated incubator offers extremely uniform environmental conditions for all microplates, elimination of recovery times, and reduced assay variance.

It facilitates a choice of temperature (4°C up to 70°C) and humidity ranges up to 95% r.H., as well as gaseous atmospheres.

Cooled storage systems can ensure a dry climate, via refrigerator, minimizing absorption of water by DMSO.

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Matches your Capacity with 24 Stacker
  • 672pcs. 1536-well plates
  • 504pcs. 96-well or 384-well plates
  • 360pcs. transwell or insert plates
  • 240pcs. deep-well
  • 168pcs. tip-boxes

Further stacker types on request
Mix and match different pitch stackers

Various Temperature models
  • 4°C to 50°C with a humidity level up to 95% r.H. @ 37°C - Cytomat 24 C450
  • 10°C to 50°C with a humidity level up to 95% r.H. @ 37°C - Cytomat 24 C1050
  • 4°C to 25°C with a controlled humidity < 5% r.H. up to 30% r.H. @ 10°C - Cytomat 24 C425 cH (on request)

Stable Humidity Condition
  • Specially designed internal water reservoir creates a stable, high level of humidity environment
  • Ventilated stackers minimize evaporation

Access Time
  • Below 30sec.
Contamination Prevention
  • Easy to clean - smooth stainless steel surface
  • Solid copper inner chamber (option)
  • H2O2-flange (Option)

Flexible Stacker Design
  • Compatible with existing Cytomat stacker
  • Standard or customized stacker pitch sizes
  • Mix and match different pitch stackers
  • Autoclaveable, stainless steel
  • Allows for accurate temperature distribution with ventilation slots

  • Internal and direct barcode reader can scan barcodes at any plate position inside the incubator the incubator, minimizing plate movement and provides superior sample and plate tracking

Easy to integrate
  • Intuitive software commands
  • SILA (Standard in Lab Automation) Compliant
  • Direct connection to a clean bench
  • Multiple transfer stations

Many Further Options
  • SiLA interface option for fast and easy integration
  • SiLA device grouping to increase capacity up to 2016 standard microplates
  • H2O2-ports
  • O2 control
  • Standard transfer station - delivers plate in portrait position
  • 90° (for landscape format) and 180° swap station
  • Linear extension with multiple length

  • CE
  • RoHS
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited facility