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D.A.R.T.'s™ Tip Transfer Tool

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Lab Automation
Simplify operations and increase efficiency with the Thermo Scientific™ D.A.R.T.’S™ transfer tool, which supports a variety of serial dilution or custom configuration magazines on multiple workstations. An entire row or column can be transferred in one step. The tool can be easily modified to work with 96- or 384-tip fittings in desired configurations such as 4.5mm or 9mm spacing.

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  • Compatible with 96- and 384- format D.A.R.T.'s tips
  • Offers easy assembly for quick swapping between 96- and 384-format tip fittings
  • Allows a variety of tip configurations on automated liquid handling instruments
  • Arrange either the 96- or 384- tip fittings into desired configuration, such as 4.5mm or 9mm spacing
  • Works much like a pipetter by picking up tips on tip fittings, and using plunger to eject tips into serial dilution or custom-configured magazine
  • Requires low force ejection and allows for quick and easy tip transfers


  • Pipetting head
  • Serial dilution or custom configuration magazine
  • Handle
  • Tip fittings for 96- and 384- format
  • Two stripper plates

Compatible with:

  • PlateMate Plus
  • PlateMate 2x3
  • Hydra DT
  • All air-displacement pipetting heads
  • All serial dilution and custom configured D.A.R.T.'s magazines


Manuals & protocols