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UltiMate™ NCS-3500RS Binary Rapid Separation Nano/Capillary Pumps

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Industrial Chromatography

Access the highest resolution, the fastest analyses and exceptional column identification flexibility in one module. The Thermo Scientific™ UltiMate™ NCS-3500RS Binary Rapid Separation Nano/Capillary Pumps combine a ternary gradient microloading pump, a binary nano/capillary low-flow pump and a heated column compartment in one housing.The integrated micro-flow loading pump accommodates pre-concentration workflows, advanced two-dimensional chromatography or even 2 to 4.6mm column inner diameter flows up to 62MPa (9,000 psi/ 620 bar). Our Thermo Scientific™ ProFlow™ technology improves nano flowrate control and results in high retention time precision and higher quality data. Achieve high-sensitivity with our nano-flow solution, or achieve high-sensitivity and high-throughput with robust capillary solutions.

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Easy flow rate switching

This pump is integrated with a loading pump and column compartment in a single module, pre-configured for:

  • Nano-flow (5041.0010A, NCS-3500RS Nano/Cap ProFlow System)
  • Capillary-flow (5041.0020, NCS-3500RS Capillary-flow Nano/Cap-System)
  • Or as a standalone pump (5041.0030A, NCP-3200RS Nano/Cap ProFlow Pump).

Nano, capillary or microflow ranges are selected by simply exchanging the dedicated flow meter

The right set of advantages
  • ProFlow technology for nano-flow applications provides the highest level of retention time precision
  • Capillary flow meter enables high-sensitivity with high-throughput analyses for reliable routine assays
  • Continuous-flow high pressure gradient pump provides uninterrupted gradient delivery permitting ultra-long gradients
  • An additional micro flow pump provides uninterrupted continuous flow through the trap and analytical column, even during sample loading, making sample pre-concentration and two dimensional workflows possible
  • UHPLC pressure capability of up to 860 bar for high performance separations
Added flexibility

This single system can accommodate your present and future needs. The unique combination of a UHPLC binary nano/cap/micro pump with a microloading pump adapts seamlessly to both standard and complex nano and capillary UHPLC workflows.

Improved repeatability

The thermostatted column compartment with up to two high-pressure nano switching valves can be heated up to 75°C to increase chromatographic speed and repeatability. The snap-in valves allow toolfree removal and can be pulled forward for easily making fluidic connections. The column compartment accommodates coiled nano columns up to one meter in length.

Seamless LC-MS integration
  • Dedicated connection kits and LC-MS interfaces for straightforward hardware integration
  • Seamless software integration with Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers via Thermo Scientific™ SII and single-point intelligent control with the easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System
  • Continuous direct flow provides uninterrupted runs as long as eluent is available
  • Accurate flow delivery from 50 nL/min up to 50µL/min. at pressures up to 86MPa (860 bar)
  • Small gradient delay volume of only 25nL
  • Thermo Scientific™ nanoViper™ Fingertight Fitting system provides virtually zero dead volume connections