Thermo Scientific™

UltiMate™ HPG-3200BX Biocompatible Binary Semi-Preparative Pump

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Industrial Chromatography

Purify biological compounds in the microgram to lower-milligram range quickly and accurately with the Thermo Scientific™ UltiMate™ HPG-3200BX Biocompatible Binary Semi-Preparative Pump. Binary high-pressure proportioning offers gradient accuracy and precision. Maximize your flow rate depending on your application. This pump supports operating pressures of up to 16.5 MPa (2400 psi/165 bar) at up to 30mL/min.; 13.5 MPa (1950 psi/135 bar) at 50mL/min. For isocratic applications, Double Flow mode enables flow rates of up to 100mL/min.

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Recommended Use

The HPG-3200BX pump is the right choice for laboratories that need to purify compounds in the microgram to lower-milligram range. It is recommended for semipreparative separations on 4.6–21.2 mm i.d. columns.

  • Serial dual-piston operating principle for outstanding flow rate accuracy and precision across the entire flow rate range
  • Wide operating flow rate range from 0.5 mL/min to 50 mL/min
  • Support  operating pressures of up to 165 bar (2400 psi) at up to 30 mL/min; 135 bar (1950 psi) at 50 mL/min
  • Double Flow mode enables flow rates of up to 100 mL/min for isocratic applications
  • Binary high-pressure proportioning for best-in-class gradient accuracy and precision
  • SmartFlow™ technology automatically ensures optimal chromatographic performance at any operation condition
  • Automatic compressibility compensation, no manual solvent setting needed
  • Active rear-seal wash and floating pistons for maximum seal lifetime