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Multiskan™ FC Microplate Photometer

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Multiskan FC brings together over 40 years experience of the well-known Multiskan product brand, with features for enhanced usability. The Multiskan FC has a 340–850 nm wavelength range, enabling a wide variety of applications from enzyme kinetic studies to Lowry assays. The instrument provides fast and accurate measurements enabling complete 96-well plate reading in less than seven seconds. The instrument is also equipped with linear shaking as standard. A model with an incubator enables incubation temperatures up to 50°C and the capacity to read 384-well plates. SkanIt software supports optimal use of the instrument with a visual workflow, effortless data analysis and exporting capabilities.

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  • Proven performance and reliable day-to-day results through patented optical design and in-built self-diagnostics
  • A broad wavelength range of 340–850 nm for a wide variety of research and routine applications such as ELISA immunoassays, protein quantification, endotoxin, cytotoxicity and proliferation assays, enzyme assays and growth curves
  • Equipped with an eight-position filter wheel with three standard filters, 405 nm, 450 nm and 620 nm, preinstalled
  • A comprehensive range of easy-to install additional filters available for order
  • Fast and accurate measurement of both 96- and 384-well plates for various throughput requirements
  • Shaking and incubation up to 50°C for temperature critical assays
  • Ease of use through the large color screen and a variety of language versions
  • Visual and logical SkanIt software for comprehensive instrument control and data handling
  • Multiskan verification plate available for instrument performance verification
  • Robot compatibility for high-throughput environments
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Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software comes free with your microplate reader purchase and can be installed on as many computers as you like. This easy-to-use program is so intuitive, it requires little-to-no training. SkanIt Software has features that help boost productivity and prevent common errors in the lab.
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