Thermo Scientific™

FILLit Software

Increase your control of Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ reagent dispensers. Thermo Scientific™ FILLit Software is an easy-to-use tool that allows rapid development of protocols that can be run directly from the PC or transfered into instrument memory.

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  • Extensive plate list containing plates from different manufacturers is available for selection.
  • User can select discrete wells (Multidrop Combi nL), rows (Multidrop Combi nL) or columns for filling
  • Protocols created by the user can be stored in the database from which they can be executed for further use or modification.
  • Protocols can also be downloaded to the instrument for stand-alone use or transferred from the Multidrop back to the PC for further modifications.

Multidrop Combi nL FILLit Software:

  • Precalibrated liquid types stored in the database allow a quick selection at startup.
  • Calibration wizard guides the user through a quick calibration process which makes it possible to add new liquids to the database.
  • Dispensing into discrete wells is made possible through control of each valve.
FiLLIt Software is included free with the purchase of a MD Combi, MD Combi SMART2 or MD Combi nL.