Thermo Scientific™

BindIt™ Software, With CD only

Create and store KingFisher purification system protocols using Thermo Scientific™ BindIt™ Software. Once a protocol has been created, the protocol can either be transferred to the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ instrument memory or executed directly from the software. All protocol steps have default parameters which can be changed according to the demands of the application.
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  • Plates and reagents used are defined in the plate layout
  • Due to an increased QC demand, BindIt Software enables the user to generate a status report including the run log, plate layout and step parameters
  • Enables the KingFisher Flex to interface with liquid handling, robotics and plate stacking instruments, providing a fully automated solution and the highest possible throughput

Compatible with:

KingFisher, KingFisher mL, KingFisher Flex, KingFisher Duo Prime