Thermo Scientific™

Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

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Measure total hydrocarbons in emissions from a source using the Thermo Scientific™ Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer. The Model 51i utilizes Flame Ionization Detector (FID) technology to provide a wide linear range and sensitive detection of organic compounds. Available in both high-temperature and low-temperature versions.

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The Model 51i uses a flame ionization detector, or FID, to measure organic gases and vapors. Flame ionization is a well-known and highly efficient technology used in laboratories and industry for many years.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable ranges
  • Real-time correction of THC readings
  • Temperature controlled detector oven and sampling system
  • Reporting of alarm conditions

iSeries Advantage:

  • Ethernet connectivity for efficient remote access
  • Enhanced user interface with one-button programming and large display screen
  • Flash memory for increased data storage and user downloadable software
  • Enhanced electronic design for optimized product commonality
  • Improved layout for easier accessibility to components