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Nalgene™ HDPE Pipet Washers/Rinsers for 16 and 24″ Pipets

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Attach Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Pipet Washers/Rinsers to your sink water or DI tap and drain for repeated, automatic fill and empty cycling. Insert a filled pipet basket, then attach to water inlet and direct drain tubing into an appropriate drain to accept the rinse water. Turn on your water source and the wash chamber fills from the water inlet. When the wash chamber is full, a siphon forms at the drain elbow emptying the chamber through the drain outlet. Fill and empty cycles continue until water source is turned off.

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  • One piece, leakproof, weld-free
  • High-density polyethylene is built for rugged use
  • Large tubing diameter permits faster cycles and allows water to drain completely
  • Water inlet designed to eliminate back siphoning of contaminated water into water line, even if pressure drops
  • Slower cycling is achieved without attachments by turning down water source flow rate


  • Clear plastic tubing for inlet and outlet
  • Basket sold separately

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