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SMART Digest™ Chymotrypsin Kits

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Industrial Chromatography

Obtain high-quality analytical results from protein digests using Thermo Scientific™ SMART Digest™ Chymotrypsin Kits. A significant advance in sample preparation for biopharmaceutical protein research, these kits provide fast and simple protein digestion with high reproducibility, high sensitivity, and high levels of data quality in a format that's compatible with automation. SMART Digest Kits are a significant improvement over in-solution protein digestion technologies, which are not reproducible, have poor sensitivity, and employ protracted methodologies not amenable to automation.

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Chymotrypsin Protein Digestion

Characterize and quantitate proteins faster, easier, and quicker than ever before using SMART Digest kits. This version of the kit uses chymotrypsin, which cleaves peptide bonds formed by aromatic residues such as tyrosine, phenylalanine, and tryptophan.

Easy and Simple
  • Significantly increased speed of sample processing
  • Simple process
  • Easily automate entire protocol for high-throughput processing
Reliable Results
  • Increased reproducibility over existing protocols
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Higher data confidence
Significantly Reduces Sample Preparation Time

Typically it takes less than 60 minutes (dependent on sample complexity) to achieve full digestion, whereas an in-solution digestion can take up to 24 hours.

Cleaner Samples

Reduction in the number of chemicals used and the immobilized chymotrypsin design helps mitagate against chemically induced post translational modifications (PTMs) and autolysis. The results are easier to interpret.

Couple with SOLAµ SPE plates for desalting

When used with the SMART Digest for desalting, Thermo Scientific™ SOLAµ™ SPE solid phase extraction plates provide a fast, easy-to-use, robust, and easily automatable sample preparation solution for analysis of biomolecules.