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WebSeal™ Well Plates, barcoded for Vanquish™ UHPLC Systems

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Industrial Chromatography

Provide advanced sample security and sample integrity by using barcoded Thermo Scientific™ WebSeal™ Well Plates for Vanquish™ UHPLC systems. For high throughput in an intact sample integrity environment, you need more than fast chromatography. The hardware and consumables need to keep pace with the analysis speed, and our solutions meet that need. Proactive solutions exist to significantly impacting sample security through sample handling solutions such as barcoded well plates for Vanquish UHPLC platforms.

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Key Features
  • SBS format and barcode enables automatic inventory in the Vanquish autosampler
  • Monitor and manage an inventory of up to 9 deep well plates or 20 shallow well plates (15mm height) in the Vanquish Charger with an additional three positions in the Vanquish autosampler, for a maximum of 8832 samples
  • Gain full inventory management via barcode reading with empty shelf-level detection and well plate verification
  • Automating workflows with barcode reading is also possible

The barcodes indicate a well plate identification and the correct side orientation of the plate to ensure the correct position in the Vanquish autosampler and charger unit when loading and running the analytical sequence. Plates cannot be accepted in the wrong orientation.