Thermo Scientific™

WebSeal 384-Well Non-Coated Plastic Microplates

Related applications:

Industrial Chromatography

Whatever your standard or routine application or assay, you can be sure of excellent solvent resistance and low background noise with Thermo Scientific™ WebSeal 384-Well Non-Coated Plastic Microplates. Made of high-quality, GC-tested polypropylene.
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Ideal for:
  • Pharmaceutical and industrial QA/QC
  • High-throughput screening (HTS)
  • Sample collection and storage
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Liquid phase assays

Chemically and Thermally Resistant Polypropylene

  • Broad chemical compatibility with alcohols, acetonitrile and other common HPLC solvents
  • Will tolerate temperatures from −80° C to +121°C
  • GC-tested to ensure low extractables

Broad Instrument Compatibility

  • SBS and ANSI standard footprint design


  • Shallow well and deep well formats
  • U- and V- bottom wells ensure optimal sample recovery
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