Thermo Scientific™

Viper™ Capillary PEEK Fingertight Fittings, 90µm

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Industrial Chromatography

Maximize liquid chromatography (LC) performance and get virtually zero-dead-volume connections to ensure optimal separations. Thermo Scientific™ Viper™ Capillary PEEK Fingertight Fittings for HPLC and UHPLC Systems are biocompatible, iron-free, easy to use. They enable fast, tool-free setup, even for the most advanced column- and valve-switching configurations. Compatible with virtually any common column and valve type, it is suitable for system pressures of up to 345 bar (5,004 psi). These 90µm I.D. Viper fittings are available in several lengths.

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Robust LC Performance

Ferrule-free tightening design for virtually zero-dead-volume connections at operating pressures of up to 345 bar

Easy to Use
  • Fingertight design
  • Flexible PEEK capillaries (1/32 in o.d.)
  • No tools required

Compatible with virtually any valve and any column from any manufacturer

  • Fits narrow connections such as 10-port valves
  • Enables mixed use with different designs
  • Available in different lengths
  • Available in different inner diameters: 65µm (0.0026 in.), 90µm (0.0035 in.) or 130µm (0.005 in.)
Recommended Use

Use with Thermo Scientificµ Vanquishµ, UltiMateµ 3000 LC systems, or any LC system for fully integrated workflows.

Vanquish and UltiMate LC systems are equipped with the Viper fingertight fitting system as a standard.