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Transcend™ Turboflow Systems

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Enable fast cleanup of complex matrices for accelerated online sample preparation, lower your laboratory costs, and improve data quality using Thermo Scientific Transcend TLX Systems with Turboflow technology. These systems use a combination of chromatographic techniques for online sample cleanup to improve LC-MS detection, reduce manual work, and provide higher productivity while the systems' additional channel capabilities improve throughput by up to 400%.

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Thermo Scientific Transcend Systems, which feature Turboflow technology, combine diffusion, chemistry, and size exclusion to perform selective online sample cleanup of dirty or difficult matrices prior to HPLC or UHPLC separation and MS analysis. Turboflow technology minimizes manual sample preparation and reduces sample preparation by up to 95%.

Other benefits of Turboflow technology include the following:
  • Minimization of manual sample preparation and facilitation of direct sample injection into an LC-Ms system, including plasma, urine, food, and other complex sample matrices.
  • Reduction of ion suppression via higher specificity.
  • Reduction of work time through simplication of complex sample preparation protocols.
  • Simplified method development by enablement of the same method to be used for different matrices.

Aria software optimizes performance and productivity by controlling pump operation, valve switching, cleaning, and gradient procedures on the Transcend system. The system is compatible with XCalibur or TraceFinder mass spectrometry software, with an intuitive graphical user interface that makes it simple to perform TurboFlow methods.