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Transcend™ Multichannel Systems

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Improve your LC-MS throughput and get faster return on investment with the Thermo Scientific™ Transcend™ System. The unique multichannel technology included within this UHPLC system increases mass spectrometer utilization by engaging up to four separate LC channels combined with one single mass spectrometer. Transcend Duo Systems bring multichannel systems to a new level of simplicity and cost-effectiveness without requiring any additional bench space. Thermo Scientific™ Aria™ software controls and schedules all aspects of the system; it also features an intuitive graphical user interface for highest ease-of-use.

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Traditional single channel LC-MS systems process samples sequentially, keeping the MS idle for a significant amount of time. Multichannel LC enables an increased throughput without sacrificing data quality or instrument robustness.

  • Use the cost-effective two channel Transcend Duo System to double your throughput of up to two independent applications without the need for additional bench space while benefiting from the robustness, performance and ease-of-use build into the system.
  • Use the two or four channel Transcend System to increase throughput by up to 400% with optional sample preparation capabilities build into the Triplus autosampler.

Aria software controls pump operation, valve switching, cleaning, and gradient procedures on the Transcend system. It is compatible with XCalibur or TraceFinder mass spectrometer software, and the intuitive graphical user interface of the Transcend System makes it simple to set up multi-channel methods.

Additional benefits include the following:
  • Management and control of all aspects of the Transcend system.
  • Scheduling and management of multiple methods on multiple channels, simultaneously.