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Nitrogen Gas Generator for Charged Aerosol Detectors

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Industrial Chromatography
Obtain on-demand high-purity, filtered, dry nitrogen right from your in-house compressed air supply, or using the optional air compression module. The Peak Scientific Nitrogen Gas Generator is the gas solution for Thermo Scientific™ Corona™ charged aerosol detectors. This modular, space-saving stackable approach for your HPLC analyses is specifically designed for smooth and quiet operation, right on the laboratory bench.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific, in conjunction with Peak Scientific, has specifically developed a nitrogen gas generator solution for use with all Thermo Scientific Corona charged aerosol detectors, including the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Corona Veo™ RS and advanced Vanquish™ Charged Aerosol detectors.
  • Modular, space saving design for stackable integration with any Corona charged aerosol detector
  • Smart, on-demand gas delivery of high purity dry nitrogen
  • Quiet in-lab operation with optional air compressor module
  • Self-diagnostics to ensure trouble-free operation
The nitrogen generator and air compressor modules are precisely matched to delivery an adequate supply of pressurized nitrogen for operation of a single Thermo Scientific charged aerosol detector on an liquid chromatography system. Order the air compressor for the appropriate line voltage in your area.


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