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Nalgene™ Safety Waste System

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Minimize accidental spills and volatile emissions with the chemical- and break-resistant Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste System, designed for temporary storage of solvent, chemical and biological wastes. Safety waste funnel has an Easy Snap safety latch to minimize accidental spills and volatile emissions. Funnel easily unscrews from funnel adapter for cleaning and quicker access.  Closure/adapter includes a vent that releases pressure when pouring, and reduces emmisions during use. Includes a Nalgene collection container.

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  • Large-diameter funnel has attached cover with Easy Snap safety latch to minimize accidental spills and volatile emmissions
  • Funnel easily unscrews from polypropylene closure/funnel adapter for cleaning and quicker access
  • Closure/adapter includes vent with polypropylene/PTFE vent plug that releases pressure during pouring, and prevents emissions during use
  • Adapter can also connect to external syringe filter
  • Removable polypropylene screen insert fits at bottom of funnel to trap large particles such as stir bars
  • Not resistant to long-term UV light exposure
  • Includes either a 4L HDPE Nalgene bottle or 10L FLPE Nalgene Carboy
  • 4L system include a 5-1/2" (14cm) safety waste funnel and 4L HDPE Nalgene bottle and closure. Recommended for acid, base and alcohol wastes.
  • 10L system includes a 10" (25cm) safety waste funnel and 10L fluorinated HDPE carboy with closure. Recommended for solvent wastes.

Ordering Information:

Secondary containers (sold separately) should be used with Safety Waste Systems during transport, transfer or storage.


1.125 gal. (4L) HDPE or 2.625 gal. (10L) fluorinated HDPE container, removable funnel with lid, closure/funnel adapter, filter, and screen insert.


These systems are not safety cans as defined by OSHA guidelines and are designed for temporary waste disposal only. Waste should be disposed of prior to 90 days of initial waste accumulation.

Warranty: 90 days. For warranty terms, please contact

Disclaimer to internal research use restriction: Any restrictions on the purchaser to utilize the product(s) for internal research purposes only does not apply to the product(s) on the web pages associated with this statement.

Certificates of Compliance

Receive a Certificate of Compliance and Certificate(s) of Irradiation (if applicable) on purchased Nalgene and Nunc products.
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