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Versette™ Automated Liquid Handler

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Lab Automation

Support a wide range of applications with the Thermo Scientific™ Versette™ Automated Liquid Handler, a compact handler featuring user-friendly programming, reliable performance and a choice of 96- or 384-channel pipetting heads. An ideal choice for the liquid handling needs of most laboratories, it supports 96/384 plate replication, plate stamping and serial dilution procedures.

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Support a wide range of applications, including high-throughput Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA), plate stamping, plate reformatting, serial dilution and many other applications.

96-and 384-channel pipetting heads:

  • Total volume range 0.5-300μL
  • All pipetting heads include RFID tags for self-identification

Consumables for optimized performance:

  • All pipetting heads utilize Thermo Scientific™ D.A.R.T.'S

Compact size:

  • Six position stage uses a unique dual-level design to minimize space requirements
  • Fits on standard bench

User-friendly programming options:

  • Simple pipetting procedures can be created using visual on-board graphical display
  • For more complex protocols and advanced editing, use Thermo Scientific™ ControlMate™ software included with purchase of the unit
  • Intuitive software; after minimal training, no specialist needed for protocol writing and revisions
  • Free WebEx ControlMate SW tutorial and applications support