Thermo Scientific™

CO2 and LN2 Backup Systems

Related applications:

Cold Storage

Ensure optimal security for critical samples by using Thermo Scientific™ CO2 and LN2 Backup Systems with ultra low-temperature freezers. Systems inject liquid CO2 or LN2 into cabinet when cabinet temperature warms to preset level.

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  • Temperature is adjustable in 1°C increments to -75°C (CO2), -150°C (LN2).
  • Digital display constantly indicates actual cabinet temperature.
  • Indicator lights come on when system is activated.
  • Additional indicator lights when cylinder is empty.
  • Liquid flow is shut off automatically when freezer door or lid is opened.
  • System is powered by rechargeable battery.
  • Low-battery light indicates when battery requires charging.

Ordering Information:

Thermo Scientific Revco™ Ultima™ II and Elite™ 3.1 cu. ft. (88L) models and all Value series models require freestanding system; only Ultima II and Elite series models larger than 3.1 cu. ft. (88L) accept built-in systems. Specify freezer model and voltage when ordering.


Customer-installed units; must be installed by qualified professional.


All required hardware except CO2 or LN2 cylinder (must be ordered separately)