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SnakeSkin™ Dialysis Tubing, 10K MWCO, 22 mm

Catalog number:  68100

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing, 10K MWCO, is an easy and ready-to-use form of traditional dialysis membrane tubing that allows desalting and buffer exchange for 10 to 100 mL samples.

Features of SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing, 10K MWCO, 22mm:

Convenient—ready to use, pre-wetted, pleated tube
High recovery—greater than 90% protein recovery
Speed—dialysis is generally completed in 4 to 6 hours
Stability—compatible with a variety of laboratory solutions, including acids, bases, hydrophobic solvents and alcohols

10K MWCO Tubing Specifications:
Membrane Type: Regenerated cellulose
Tubing Nominal Dry Thickness: 0.9 to 1.2mil (22 to 30 µM)
Glycerol Content: 21%
Sulfur Content: 0.1% to 0.15%
Heavy Metals Content: Trace

SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing, 10K MWCO, is composed of regenerated-cellulose and supplied as an open, pleated (telescoped) tube. SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing is supplied in eight inch (20 cm) sticks containing 35 feet of dialysis tubing having a 16, 22, or 35mm circular internal diameter (I.D.). With similar capacity to 10.5 meters of 23 to 50 diameter dry flat-width tubing, the hydrated SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing holds ~2 to 10 mL of sample per centimeter of length.

The easy-open, pleated format of SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing was developed to simplify large volume sample dialysis. To use, simply pull out and cut off the required length of tubing, fold over one end of tubing and apply a dialysis clip to close it, add sample at the open end and use a second clip to close the remaining end. Clips are sold separately. In comparison, many traditional dialysis tubing membranes that are supplied as dry, flattened rolls that are difficult to open and often require extensive soaking before they can be used.

The SnakeSkin membrane-pleating process does not change the tubing's MWCO. Also, any low MW contaminants present are removed during the dialysis process. Because SnakeSkin Dialysis Tubing is made from the same type of regenerated cellulose as flat tubing, its dialysis performance matches that of conventional tubing.

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Cut Off or Exclusion Limit: 10 kDa
Format: Tubing
Membrane: Cellulose Membrane, Dialysis
Product Line: SnakeSkin™
Purification Target: Buffer Exchange, Protein
Diameter (Metric): Circular I.D.: 22 mm
MWCO: 10 K
Material: Cellulose
Sufficient For: Approx. 19mL per 5cm length (plus 2.5cm at each end for closure) yields 100 uses
Quantity: 10.5 m

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store at room temperature or 4°C. Keep in closed original packaging tube to prevent desiccation, which results in cracks or pinholes in the membrane. For best results, keep membrane hydrated by occasionally adding 1-2 drops of distilled water to the packaging tube.