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Evolution™ Smart™ Sipper Accessories

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Smart™ Sipper Accessories for Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Spectrophotometers are easy-to-use sampling accessories featuring a reliable multi-roller peristaltic pump. When the Smart Sipper is installed, all sipper controls are automatically displayed in the software. Methods can be automated so that samples are measured automatically after they are sipped. Smart Sipper Accessories feature modes to return the sample to the original container, send the sample to waste, or run continuously.
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  • Fully integrated operation with Thermo Scientific™ INSIGHT™ software on all Evolution spectrophotometers. Supported by Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite™ software on Evolution 200. Samples can be sipped followed by automatic measurement and return of the sample or pumping to waste.
  • Automatic recognition by software, smart alignment and serial number reporting.
  • Able to handle sample volumes from 200μL to 9.999mL and a fully customizable sip volume and air gap.
  • Software assisted calibration routine to simplify the process of changing tubing and methods.
  • Sippers support 10mm pathlength cells and shorter pathlength cells in the standard cell holder with use of an appropriate spacer. Swap in a long path cell holder to support flow cells up to 100mm pathlength.
  • Specialized tubing packs available for:
    • mild chemical use (silicone tubing)
    • acid resistant (c-flex)
    • bio-compatible (Chemdurance Bio)
    • chemical resistant (Viton)
  • Replacement flow-cell connector packs for both Starna and Hellma cells available.

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When deploying the Smart Sipper Accessory in a regulated or quality control environment, take advantage of our unique full-system qualification to assure compliance of the instrument and accessory as a complete unit.