Thermo Scientific™

Disposable Blade Carriers

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Anatomical Pathology

Utilize low- and high-profile blades with the quick clamp system of Thermo Scientific™ Disposable Blade Carriers. Updated models (long stroke and version 2 bar guideways) include removable angle adjustment and blade clamp levers.
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Disposable Blade Carriers
  • Blade angle and blade adjustment levers are removable to help protect user settings (Version 2 and 3 units only)
  • Concentric lever locks onto the dovetail to help reduce accidental movement of the holder (Version 2 and 3 units only)
  • Quick clamp system for high- and low-profile blades
  • Adjustable clearance angle
  • Moveable knife guard covers the blade entirely in any position
  • Knife carrier base included