Thermo Scientific™

Blade Carriers

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Anatomical Pathology

Insert a variety of Thermo Scientific™ blades in Thermo Scientific™ Blade Carriers.
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Updated Knife Carriers:
  • Blade angle and blade adjustment levers are removable to help protect user settings
  • Concentric lever locks onto the dovetail to help reduce accidental movement of the holder
  • Compatible only with newer HM 325, HM 355S, and HM 340E models which have serial numbers above 34000
Standard Knife Carriers:
  • Integrated knife guard with clearance angle adjustment.
  • Precision guidance
  • Complete with knife carrier base
  • Backlighting system adaptable
  • Laterally movable to accommodate conventional knives, tungsten carbide knives, and disposable blade inserts
Blade Holder Insert:
  • For low-profile blades to be inserted in the standard knife carriers N and SN (includes Allen key)
Knife Carrier Base:
  • Carrier base with clamping device
  • Use along with the upper parts of the knife carriers N, SN, NR, ER, C, SL