Filtration Hardware, Accessories, and Spare Parts

Filtration Hardware, Accessories, and Spare Parts
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Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ filtration hardware and accessories can be used in a wide range of applications and in conjunction with our various lines of filtration devices.

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  • Graduated receiver allows easy visualization of sample volume
  • Two side arms allow connection to vacuum line
  • Upper chamber is designed for pressure or vacuum filtration
  • Independent locking rings seal upper chamber to receiver without damagingmembrane to ensure efficient filtration
  • Chamber accommodates 47 or 50mmmembranes (not included) and has three ports for venting (with or without syringe filters) and aseptic addition of samples
  • Ports also can be attached to a pressure source
  • Upper chamber is supplied with twomembrane support plates: a sterilization plate and an analytical plate

Receiver Accepts

  • 0.25 to 0.3125 in. I.D. (6.4 to 8mm) vacuum tubing
  • Syringe filters

Sterilization Plate (one-piece, clear)

  • Providesmaximum flowrate and throughput
  • Suitable for cold sterilization or clarification of culturemedia, reagents or solvents that are compatible with holder andmembranematerials
  • Nominal filter area, 13.3cm2

Analytical Plate (two-piece, white)

  • Provides optimalmembrane support and keepsmembrane flat to facilitate analytical procedures
  • Suitable for analysis of particulates and biological contaminants, or anymicrobiological analyses using themembrane filter technique
  • Nominal filter area, 11.3cm2


Complete upper chamber, receiver, polypropylene cover and TPE port caps. (membranes not included.)

Warranty: 90 days

WARNING: Cancer –
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