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CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-C-tag Conjugate

Catalog number:  7103252100

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-C-tag Conjugate consists of a 13 kDa camelid antibody fragment (affinity ligand) with high affinity and selectivity for the 4-amino-acid 'C-tag' peptide tag E‑P‑E‑A (glutamic acid - proline - glutamic acid - alanine). The Biotin Anti-C-tag affinity ligand recognizes the E-P-E-A peptide when this tag is fused directly to the C-terminus of a protein. The affinity ligand—constructed as a mono-specific bihead—is chemically conjugated to biotin via an appropriate spacer that retains the binding reactivity of the ligand when used in combination with streptavidin-based conjugates or streptavidin pre-coated surfaces.

The CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-C-tag Conjugate allows you to:

Detect, quantitate, and characterize any C-tag fusion protein

Applications for CaptureSelect™ Biotin Anti-C-tag Conjugate include ELISA, Western blot, Gyrolab™-based immunoassays, and label-free detection platforms such as those based on surface plasmon resonance (Biacore™ and IBIS-MX96 systems) and bio-layer interferometry (ForteBio™ Octet™ systems).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Ligand Type: Antibody
Label Type: Biotin & Other Haptens
Product Line: CaptureSelect™

Contents & storage

Store at -5 to -30°C.