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Chromeleon™ XTR Laboratory Management System (LMS) Software

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Industrial Chromatography

Manage your laboratory workflow from initial sample creation to final data archival using Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ XTR software. It goes beyond traditional chromatography data systems (CDS), managing the entire laboratory process across all analytical techniques in a single, compliant solution. Ensure adherence to processes, maintain data security, and facilitate complete regulatory compliance with Chromeleon XTR Laboratory Management System (LMS).

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Your samples
  • Ensure fast and efficient testing of samples
  • Easily log in samples and automatically generate sample labels, including barcodes
  • Track your samples' location throughout the lab
Your instruments
  • Ensure that all of your instruments are properly maintained and calibrated
  • Prevent users from running samples on out-of-service instruments
Your data
  • Preserve data integrity through automated, version controlled data capture of any analytical record
  • Ensure compliance with comprehensive audit trails, privileged actions and electronic signatures
  • User access controls and integrated training records ensure operators are only able to use methods and equipment on which they are trained
  • Electronic signatures provide secure and dependable evidence for auditors
Your results
  • Samples are sent to instruments and results returned directly into Chromeleon XTR
  • Provides complete control of all analytical runs, not just chromatography
  • Ensure error-free execution of chromatographic analyses to your SOP requirements with eWorkflows™ - an electronic procedure for automating laboratory processes related to a chromatographic analysis
  • Assists in creating an appropriate sequence for a suitable instrument with pre-defined associated files and a well-defined structure
  • Guides you from samples to reliable results in the minimum number of steps