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CryoMed™ Controlled-Rate Freezers

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Cold Storage

Modify six standard preset and 10 user-defined (20 steps each) freezing profiles for custom protocols to meet application needs with Thermo Scientific™ CryoMed Controlled-Rate Freezers: complete, one-piece freezing systems. Assembling and connecting electrical components has been eliminated with an integrated control panel and thermal printer. However, freezer functionality may be enhanced by adding a PC, installing MS Windows™-based Controlled-Rate Freezing PC Interface software (included), and connecting an external inkjet printer.

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Easy Programming and Monitoring:

  • Chamber and sample temperatures and operation status simultaneously display on backlit LCD.
  • Chamber temperature is monitored by fixed-mount Type T thermocouple.
  • Sample temperature is monitored by Type T thermocouple with flexible cable (included).
  • Pre-Cool step automatically begins temperature ramp when chamber and sample temperatures are equilibrated within 1°C.
  • Audible indicators alert operator when hold time has elapsed.
  • Operation continues if power outage lasts less than 10 seconds; audible/visual alarm sounds if outages last longer than 10 seconds.
  • Modifiable access code offers added security.

LN2 Freezing System Components:

  • Intuitive control panel and integrated thermal printer
  • Dual solenoid valves that increase LN2 injection volume for precise temperature control and accelerated freezing for optimum cell viability
  • Specially designed air handling system and liquid nitrogen ring that work in tandem for precise temperature control and uniformity
  • Overtemperature protection on heating element


  • Type 304 stainless steel
  • Exterior powder-coat finish
  • Foamed in-place polyurethane insulation
  • Bulb-style gaskets for tight door seal; PTFE heat-breaks to prevent door from freezing closed
  • Front- and top-access models designed for human IVF and easy “seeding”


6′ (1.8m) flexible stainless-steel transfer hose, 0.5 in. 35° flare, thermal paper, 25- to 9-pin serial interface cable/adapter, and 10′ (3m) RS-232 cable

Compatible with:

Ask your customer sales representative about racks and accessories for CryoMed freezers.


All CryoMed freezers come with Controlled-Rate Freezing PC Interface software for connection to IBM™-compatible computer and external printer—download profiles and capture graphs, profile, and sample information. Computer and external printer sold separately; contact your Customer Service or Sales Representative for more information.

Warranty varies by country, please contact us for details

Not for use for IVD/MD in some countries.