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Fiberlite™ F10-6 x 100 LEX Fixed-Angle Rotor

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With a 45 degree angle alternative, this rotor offers a more consolidated pellet for better separations than the 25 degree option.  Chemically-resistant and our lightest LEX option, Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ Rotors also offer safe alternatives in a repairable rotor with 15 year warranty to save on replacement costs.
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Fiberlite Rotors:
  • Reduced run-times with higher G-forces achieved with lightweight carbon fiber rotors
  • Corrosion-and fatigue-resistant design that ensures structural integrity
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty

  • Capacity: 6 × 100mL
  • Max. speed/RCF: 10,500rpm/15,038 x g†

Ordering Information:
Tube Adapters for F10-6x100 Rotor sold separately. O-ring Refresher Kit (021-069-031) is also available; contact your sales representative for information.

Compatible with:
Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend X1, Sorvall Legend XT, Sorvall Legend XF, Sorvall ST 16, Sorvall ST 40, Heraeus Multifuge X1, Heraeus Multifuge X3, Heraeus Megafuge 16, Heraeus Megafuge 40, Thermo Scientific SL 16 and SL 40, Eppendorf™ 5810/5804 Series and Thermo Scientific Nalgene bottles.

Recommended for:
Pelleting bacteria or yeast cells and for purifying nucleic acids and cells.

†Performance may vary by centrifuge model