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PrioCHECK™ Porc. Salmonella Ab 2.0 Strip Kit

Catalog number:  7610660

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Note: The name of this product has changed. It was previously called PRIOCHECK SALMONELLA AB PORCINE.

The PrioCHECK® Salmonella Antibody 2.0 ELISA is a fast, effective, and economical test for large-scale screening of pigs and for application in control programs of Salmonella infections. The PrioCHECK® Salmonella Antibody 2.0 ELISA uses purified lipopolysaccharide (LPS) O-antigen of S. Typhimurium and S. Choleraesuis. This makes the PrioCHECK® Salmonella Antibody 2.0 ELISA specific for the serogroup B, C1, and D (the most common serotypes in Europe, Asia, and America).

Test procedure
The PrioCHECK® Salmonella Antibody 2.0 ELISA is an indirect ELISA for the detection of antibodies against Salmonella LPS O-antigens 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 12 found in pig serum, plasma, and meat juice samples. Test samples are incubated in plates coated with the purified LPS isolated from S. Typhimurium and S. Choleraesuis at room temperature. Plates are then washed and an anti-swine antibody labeled with an enzyme that generates a color signal is added. The signal is measured and if color develops the sample is positive for anti-Salmonella LPS antibodies. Color intensity is directly related to the amount of anti-Salmonella antibody present in the test sample.
For Veterinary Use Only.


Gene ID (Entrez): Non-Gene
Protein Family: Other Proteins
Assay Sensitivity: See product documentation
Gene Symbol: Non-Gene
Target Kit Named: Salmonella Antibody 2.0
Target Species Primary: Vet Disease Organism
Target Species Named: Porcine
Product Line: PrioCHECK®, Prionics™
Immunoassay Kit Format: Various Other
Target Species Validated: Porcine
Immunoassay Kit Grade: Strip
Target Organism Class: Salmonella

Contents & storage

5 plates