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PrioCHECK™ Trichinella Alternative Artifical Digestion (AAD) Kit

Catalog number:  7620040

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The PrioCHECK® Trichinella AAD Kit is an alternative artificial digestion method to the current pepsin digestion for the detection of Trichinella larvae in meat. This new method uses a serin endopeptidase in the digestion step. The kit follows a similar protocol as the traditional artificial digestion method. All components are liquid solutions and no acid needs to be added. Risks associated with handling powder and/or concentrated acids are therefore avoided. The method has been extensively validated and has successfully passed the official validations at the Community Reference Laboratory (CRL) in Rome and is now listed in Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2075/2005.

Chopped meat is incubated in a pre-heated digestion buffer/enzyme solution (components provided with the kit). The digestion mixture is poured through a sieve into a separation funnel and allowed to sediment in two steps. The larger part of the supernatant is discarded and the remaining 10 mL is poured into a Petri-dish and examined for the presence of Trichinella larvae.
For Veterinary Use Only.


Disease: Trichinellosis
Species: Swine⁄Porcine
Product Line: Prionics™
Detection Method: Microscopy
Target Organism Class: Trichinella