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Yeast DNA Extraction Kit

Catalog number:  78870

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DNA Extraction

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Yeast DNA Extraction Reagent Kit utilizes Thermo Scientific Y-PER Reagent to quickly and easily lyse yeast cells to release DNA for study.

Features of Yeast DNA Extraction Kit:

• Eliminates need for glass beads or harsh enzyme treatments
• Yields DNA that is compatible with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification
• Rapidly isolates plasmid DNA from S. cerevisiae suitable for transformation of E. coli
• Protocol is easily scalable for use with single colonies or 500 mL cultures

This kit provides greater yields than traditional methods for DNA isolation from yeast. Typically, extraction and purification of DNA from yeast are time-consuming and labor-intensive. The yeast proteinaceous cell wall is notoriously difficult to lyse and requires harsh treatments that are time-consuming and can damage the extracted DNA. Yeast DNA Extraction Kit protocol requires less than one hour to complete, is effective without enzymatic treatment or glass beads, and yields little to no RNA contamination regardless of RNase presence. In studies with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, high yields of genomic and plasmid DNA are consistently obtained. DNA purified using this kit is suitable for PCR amplification, bacterial transformations, restriction digestions and hybridization applications.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Application): PCR, Sequencing, Transformation
Purification Target: Genomic DNA
Sample Type: Yeast
High-throughput Compatibility: Not High-throughput Compatible

Contents & storage

Sufficient For: 50 purifications from 10 mL cultures
• Y-PER Yeast Protein Extraction Reagent, 25 mL
• DNA Releasing Agent A, 20 mL
• DNA Releasing Agent B, 20 mL
• Protein Removal Reagent, 10 mL

Store at 4°C. Precipitates may form; gently warm at 37°C for 1–5 minutes.