Thermo Scientific™

OMNIC™ Specta Software

Quickly gather clear visual data as you work using the innovative identification and interpretation tools of Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Specta Software.

OMNIC Specta Software creates a database of spectral data through is a unique combination of spectral identification tools, interpretation algorithms, and scientific documentation that indexes information on your hard disk. The software guides you in identifying materials and verifying assumptions—eliminating typical analytical tasks—so you get answers quickly and confidently.
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The OMNIC Specta Software
  • Identify constituents in mixture samples with multi-component and contaminant searches — easier than tedious manipulations required by traditional search and subtract processing
  • Maintain historical data access to save time and prevent information loss 
  • Minimize time and effort with simple one click processing 
  • Receive immediate visual feedback for confidence in your results 
  • Ensure quality results with live displays for active data viewing 
  • Keep working during data collection for maximum productivity
  • Identify mixtures in one step for ultimate speed and confidence 
  • Communicate efficiently with modern PDF reports 
  • Copy directly into word processing programs