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Sigma-Aldrich™ Fatty Acids and Glycerides FT-IR Spectral Library

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Identifying fatty acids, glycerides, oils and waxes? Confidenty identify compounds with this material-specific subset of the larger Sigma Biochemical Condensed Phase Library. The Thermo Scientific™ Sigma Fatty Acids, Glycerides FT-IR Spectral Library features fully-reviewed, high-quality spectroscopy databases to take the guesswork out of spectral analysis and increase efficiency.
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  • Spectra acquired by Sigma-Aldrich Co.™ and examined and processed at Thermo Fisher Scientific. The spectra include compound name, molecular formula, CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) registry number and Sigma catalog number.
  • Contains 766 spectra
  • Data format: Deresolved
About Spectral Libraries
Spectral library searching has long been an extraordinarily valuable tool in the analytical chemist's toolbox. Our extensive series of spectral libraries includes information specific to application, industry or spectral technique.
Spectral library searching based on digital matching of spectral signatures is a very effective way of performing qualitative identification of compounds. Because FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic signatures are based on molecular functional groups, even if the exact compound is not present in the libraries, the list of matching compounds from a spectral library search can often lead to identification, or at least classification, of the material.
Thermo Scientific libraries span applications for Hazmat, Forensics, Food, Polymers and Organic Chemistry.