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Lubricants and Oils FT-IR Spectral Library

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Thermo Scientific™ Lubricants and Oils FT-IR Spectral Library consists of spectra representing an international collection of lubricants and oils.

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This library is an international collection of 1,576 spectra of motor oils, electroinsulating oils, machinery oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, hydraulic oils, anticorrosion oils, steam cylinder oils, metal-cutting oils, mineral oils, synthetic oils, biologically-derived oils, silicone oils, fuels, greases and solvents.
  • Contains a transmission library of over 1000 spectra collected by KBr liquid cell
  • Contains ATR libraries of over 500 spectra in both ATR-corrected and uncorrected formats
  • Data format: High Resolution

Includes:User Guide that provides an overview of lubricant analysis, a description of the sampling techniques used, a list of the most common oil additives, and a table of typical compounds used in synthetic oils and additives and their associated FT-IR absorption bands.