Thermo Scientific™

Smart NIR Integrating Sphere Accessory Module

Enhance the near-infrared capabilities of Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ FT-IR Spectrometers with the use of the Thermo Scientific™ Smart NIR Integrating Sphere, which uses the diffuse reflection analysis method. The Smart NIR Integrating Sphere provides you with a high level of productivity you won’t find with traditional techniques. It is ideal for raw material identification and determination of compositions. Sampling can be performed through glass and other packaging materials.
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The optical components of Smart NIR Integrating Sphere have been carefully optimized to make scattered near-infrared energy collection greater than 95% efficient — giving you the highest signal to noise in the shortest amount of time for the best possible results.

The Smart NIR Integrating Sphere Accessory Features:
  • Minimal sample preparation with high sample throughput
  • Chemical-resistant sapphire window with leak-proof seal
  • Stainless steel platform resistant to solvents and scratches
  • Optional tablet spinners average diffuse reflectance measurements for more uniform results
  • Ideal for powders, polymer pellets and granulated samples


  • Detector: Dedicated Room Temperature InGaAs Detector
  • Range: 10000 - 4000cm-1
  • Integrating Sphere: Greater than 95% collection efficiency
  • Integrating Sphere: Diffuse reflective gold surface
  • Sampling Window: Sapphire window leak-proof seal
  • Sampling Surface: Cast Aluminum
  • Reference: Automated gold internal reference flag for problem-free backgrounds
  • Sample Spinners: Sample spinner offered in two sizes

Optional Tablet Spinners

  • Standard Sample Spinner with 4.78cm low OH quartz with powder sampling cup window
  • Large Sample Spinner with 12cm low OH quartz with powder sampling cup window

External Reflectance Options

  • Gold NIR Diffuse Reflection Standard (99.9% reflective)
  • Spectralon Reference (99% reflective)
  • Polystyrene reference sample