Thermo Scientific™

Smart OMNI-Transmission™ Accessories for Nicolet™ FT-IR Spectrometers

Optimize your basic transmission measurements using the Thermo Scientific™ Smart OMNI-Transmission™ Accessories. Designed for Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ FT-IR Spectrometers. The Smart OMNI-Transmission Accessories are perfect for making quick and accurate measurements of liquids, solids or gases. The Smart OMNI-Transmission Accessories feature one-step, snap-in-place installation and automatically seals your sample compartment with its Quick-Purge feature, which drastically reduces the length of time between sample analyses.
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The Smart OMNI-Transmission™ Accessories Feature:

Several optimized features make transmission measurements easier and more precise.
  • Quick-Purge reduces atmospheric water vapor and carbon dioxide that can obscure peaks of interest and complicate spectral analyses
  • Quick-Purge reduces the length of time between sample analyses by up to five times—extremely advantageous when analyzing a large number of samples in succession
  • Enclosed design is chemically resistant and protects the instrument from contamination and spillage
  • Sample positions are available to accommodate most KBr Pellet holders, precision path length liquid cells, infrared cards, film holders and gas cells
  • Time-to-Reach Environmental Equilibrium: two minutes or less
  • Purge Volume: Approximately 24 in.3
  • Sample Positions: From left to right for optimizing the beam focus through transmission cards and cells
  • Maximum Cell Size: 100mm
Recommended for:
  • Liquids, solids, or gases that are mounted in cells or cell holders and mounts
  • Corrosive and caustic samples